The lawn is a 37,000 square feet open-air grass laid space, provides an astonishing view of landscapes on sides. A unique entrance design surrounded by nature, adds a special impression to the event. What could be called as a destination place better than a natural green carpet space enclosed by jaw-dropping Landscapes? A lot more remarkable things added to captive your lifetime reminiscences.

JPL Conventions has various styles of seating arrangements for your guests such as Banquet, Cabaret, Cocktail and much more which best suits for a lawn event. The seating arrangement could make a huge difference irrespective of an event purpose especially for an event in the lawn for better communication.

A lavish lawn event welcomes 2500 persons with no compromise in space with a dining and cocktail space laid on a side with an 1100 square feet stretch. A 200 square feet widespread stage for the main event, a pre-set dance floor on aside for your social events. The exotic flower decoration, lanterns in the evening add more colors to the event and happens to be a sumptuous location especially for weddings.

JPL Conventions has all the plans ready to organize for a lawn event at your level of satisfaction.

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